Buy Game of Thrones Box SetGame of Thrones is an epic tv series by HBO. It features a cruel and harsh fantasy world where lords and queens fight for power and control and where sex and relationships are used as a tool to gain power and ignite wars. The show is based on a set of fantasy novels called “A Song of Ice and Fire” which are being written by George R. R. Martin. There will be a total of seven novels, however the last one has not been fully released yet.

If you are a fan of the show why not buy a Game of Thrones box set and read through the amazing story uncovering various details and aspects of the story which were left out when filming the tv series. Buying a set of books can save you a lot of money because you get them for a much better price when compared to buying them one book at a time. There are box sets of both the paper and the eBook versions available for sale.

The tv show has only just aired its first season earlier this year, so there currently is no option to buy it on DVD (only as a pre-order). However as soon as the DVD version comes out, there should be many great deals to be had buying Game of Thrones DVD box sets, so watch out for those, too.

In my opinion Game of Thrones is probably the best tv series ever made, and reading the novels on which the show is based is absolutely essential in order to understand the sheer complexity and genius of the whole land of Westeros and the story behind its characters and events. So buy a Game of Thrones box set today and get reading! If you are not a big fan of books and would prefer to relive the story by watching it on tv, then buying a Game of Thrones DVD box set will probably be a better choice.

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