Game of Thrones is a magnificent tv series produced by HBO and based on a set of fantasy novels called “A Song of Ice And Fire”. There are a total of seven novels in the series, and if you enjoyed watching the tv show I would recommend that you buy Game of Thrones books as well.

The tv show is entirely based on the books and covers one book per season, though there are rumors that a few books could be merged into a single season later on, depending on how the show progresses. The first book is called “A Game of Thrones” and was covered in the first season of the tv series which aired earlier this year. The show received great reviews by everyone and filming works for season two are already in progress. One of the greatest things about the show is how closely it follows the original storyline, which is a true masterpiece.

Buy Game of Thrones Books I believe it is fair to say that if you enjoyed watching the tv show then reading the original novels is an absolute must. The books provide a much better, more detailed picture of everything what happens in the land of Westeros. This includes many subtle yet critical details in character development which could not be covered in the tv show due to time constraints.

You can buy Game of Thrones books from most big book shops and online retailers. Do take the time to shop around for a good deal as savings can be had when buying more than one novel at a time. Another important point to note is that the final book has not yet been released in all regions, and that reading the novels will reveal the future storyline of the tv show.

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